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For more confidence guys.

Basically, if u look at history, global valuations right now are cheap...12 month positive returns should be at 34.7% on the average for buying the dips.

Of course im still a trader, I bought TEL yesterday at 2585. Reasons ko fundamentals and technicals.

Fundamental reason - TEL at 2585 is around 12x p/e with a forecasted 2008 earnings per share of 211. Also TEL consistently gives dividends at 5% yields. Still better than time deposit. right?

Technical reason - 2585 looks very similar to the pattern last time. see chart below. nakita mo ung up sa opening tapos nagclose ten pts up lang from the open? strikingly similar right? so ayun.

I'm placing my resistance at 2800 or close to that...mga 2775 (mental resistance). It's a good trade for 2 days' worth. bahala na bukas:)

good luck to all of us.

some disclosures:
can't help buying GEO..bumili rin ako sa 1.28 today after buying at 1.16 yesterday and selling it at 1.30 today. di ko na nasell sa mga 1.32. oh well. (Reasons..higher low, momentum and market tone.)

- Nix

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great blog :)

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