Confessions: Too Full, Learning to Become Empty  

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Reflections from Henri Nouwen:
Mark 10:21

Jesus asked the boy's father, "How long has he been like this?" "From childhood, he answered."

It may come as a shock, but we are often too full of ourselves, too preoccupied with our own activities and too full of our own plans and desires. Even our activities on behalf of others can often reflect much of our own need for fulfillment or recognition. And our relationship with God frequently pivots around our own prayers, needs and projects. We are therefore persons without space and room and consequently lack flexibility and manoeuverability.

We therefore need to be, as it were, pried loose from ourselves. Henri Nouwen, in speaking of prayer as a way to solitude, challenges us to be willing to open our tightly clenched fist and "give up our last coin". So often we receive nothing from our spiritual exercises because we have not created any open spaces in our lives. We are too full. We may want to receive, but we certainly do not want anything to be taken away.

God can hardly fill our hands with the good things of his love and grace while our hands are full with our own things. Therefore in our search for inner peace and strength, we need to learn the gentle but difficult art of relinquishment as much as we need to seek God's empowerment.

I inserted the above reflection because it's a lesson not just in our approach to God but also in trading.

When we become too preoccupied with our own trading performances, with trading signals, trading techniques, we lose the equation ; we lose the big picture.

Trading the markets is, was and will be just a simple thing. It's just our emotions that get us carried away. We can trade deadcat bounces etc. We are fooling ourselves aren't we? Are we better than the market? The market is ALWAYS RIGHT.

If we keep things simple, just following the guidelines of the three tenets of technical analysis, that would have saved us and made us lots of money.

Keep Things Simple:
1.) Prices discount everything - Just follow the price. It is ALWAYS RIGHT.NEVER WRONG.
2.) Prices move in directions - Trends
3.) History repeats itself. - All based on Human Market Psychology-

If I were to apply this to God, then that would have to be the only 3 commandments of trading.

So anyway, we just have to accept the losses.

I'm just a normal and average trader ok? If the things written in this blog was interpreted differently by people, that I trade using I don't.

I trade technicals. Fundamentals are just my filters. Its a complementary tool for me.
For technical purists, I am not in conflict with that. Everyone has their own system.

To me personally, TA is superior to FA. FA is a stock screen filter. You cant be able to mine through so many charts everyday. You need some filters. That's FA. Again. this is an opinion and just an opinion.

Since October, there shouldn't have been any trading done in the Philippines. It should have all been in cash.

Trading is a marathon, not a sprint. - O' Neil

Everyone loses money. Great traders learn from them.
It's a journey to knowing yourself better, on how disciplined you really are.

-Nix is now liquid.-
-She has also learned her lesson well.-
-Do your own studies, develop your own trading systems and stick with them-
-Always keep an open mind.-

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