Long Haul or Long Hole?  

Posted by Book Eater

Bottom pickers are going through a losers' game.

- guilty me -

We are in a bearish market environment.

There's a failure to support rallies

We couldn't muster much of a rally

Don't get too involved in these patterns.

The symmetrical triangle turned into a descending triangle.

All Moving averages are declining.

Path of least resistance is lower.

Nowhere to indicate the bottom

You've got to be an aggressive trader to be involved.

If you're thinking, like I'm thinking... ask yourself this question:

Are you really in there for the long haul? or do you mean the long hole?

- bearish nikki-

- Nix

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hmmm... tama ka dyan nikki girl :) looks like we really are in a long hole (hihihi)...


Last year it was a different scenario...

MER was totally leading the way to a good summer of trading...

Right now... hay mukhang mas maganda magbakasyon... kaya lang la na money for it kasi na hulog sa long hole (hihihi) :)

Good luck on you trades!

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