Why I am still buying a few stocks here in PH  

Posted by Book Eater

I just have to clarify myself. I might have mislead people in this blog. A few days back, I said I'm liquid and that I have learned my lesson well ---which basically means, for the time being, I'm not trading any stocks.

However, that changed (actually Monday)- March 24,2008. - based on charts.

In any case, I believe it's quite difficult to really make a stand that is so grounded when the charts are telling that a short rally may come in. I know I said I won't be trading dead cat bounces but...if the bounces are good enough for my minimum risk/reward trade of higher than 1:3, and if I position my sizing well into the 2% maximum portfolio fluctuation, I'm willing to trade.

There. Its just that the scales have tipped so fast that I had to change my position.

Am still bearish in this market...in the meantime... Any resistance is going to be used as a selling point. I just had to adapt my trading strategies. As much as possible, I'm planning to study and practice other markets aside from Phil.

I have AC in my portfolio at price of 390.


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