FINVIZ - Such a wonderful, organized site for US Market  

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Great Link:

I came across this site from who got it from thekirkreport.

Finviz- It's a site that you can use as a tool so that you can visualize where the volumes are, where the price increases are etc. It's essentially a market heat map. They also have features like a Volume map, screens, filters, astig. I haven't traded any US markets yet but seeing this, HEAVEN. It's the shizzle. Makes looking for charts easier. EXPLORE this site.. macocoolan kayo. promise.

In fact, I'd post this as a recommendation to "emulate" and copy for the further improvement of an online that active traders can easily spot the unusual volumes, and where the gains in the sector can be found. moneyflows for pinas. Sana HongKong may ganito rin. :)


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