God Values Money More than You  

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I went to church today and I had to write about the sermon our pastor Don Huan told us.
The following things are the best lines that had me reflect.

1.) Are we hoarding God's resources?
2.) Stewardship is the use of God-given resources for the accomplishment of God-given goals. -Ron Blue
3.) Happy is harder than money. Anyone who thinks money will make them happy, doesn't have money. -David Greffen (one of the billionaires who was a co-founder of Dreamworks)
4.) The only investments I ever made which have paid constantly increasing dividends is the money I've given to the Lord- J. L. Kraft
5.) The power of money and wealth to corrupt is so great that the giving away of it is the only way to counter its driving force.
6.) When Rockefeller (the greatest billionaire of his time) was asked "What would satisfy a man?" He replied: "It takes a little bit more than what he has." ---> In short, man will never be satisfied.

The basic gist of the whole sermon is that :
1.) If we think that only we value money, we're wrong. In the Bible, there are 16 out of 38 parables where Jesus talked about stewardship (his intended use for money.)
2.) God values money more and this is clearly seen by the fact that there are twice more passages in the Bible that discusses about stewardship (money management) than faith and prayer.

---> In a nutshell, God is teaching us that money is valuable but He is also practical. We are merely stewards to accomplish His goals. We shouldn't ask what we give but what we keep because God is merely entrusting His resources to us. As the title of Pastor Huan's sermon today suggests, use wealth to gain friends in heaven.

My personal reflection:
I perhaps have a lot of hopes in my life but if there is one thing that God made me understand today, it is that I don't trade for myself but I trade and use my talents and the resources He gave me to further His goal. That is to let people trade their ways to financial freedom and use that freedom to continue to hope and lead us to create a better world. Because money can never satisfy. :)


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http://crossmarkettraders   says Tuesday, 29 April, 2008

Nice reflections about money, though i don't quite agree with the title "God values money more than you", the fact is "God values You more than anything else in this world" for HE didn't withheld HIS own beloved SON for all mankind; yes, the Bible deals more about money than any other topics because money often times unwittingly replaces HIM as our GOD and HE constantly reminded us that where your treasures are there your heart will be also. Keep on writing more about this, i believe as trader that proper money management is not enough but we should also learn about money on God's perspective.

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