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Great stuffs to read:
1.) TraderMike's analysis on what happened last Apr 24 (Adam and Eve Reversal)

You can also just check for the definition of A&E reversal from the site here

2.) HK market continues to rally. 267 stock pick is now 37.50 (It had done a powerful move last week.) For any readers who have followed, I believe you have 20% profit to credit yourself. Take profits. Target was more than reached. Good job! Still, I would advice good position sizing. Perhaps doing this would have given you a hefty 5% profit (if you placed 25% of ur portfolio.)

Nevertheless, for all the traders in pinas, go to HK or US markets (its doing a bearmarket rally. minsan lang to kaya take advantage.)

3.) My personal apologies for not being able to update this blog. Many events have happened the past week. whether its financial markets or in my personal life.

so there.

in any case , I'll try to write anything on top of my mind when i have time.

Still my best recommendation is to follow brett steenbarger always. He writes excellent posts and gives a lot of links to great traders as well:)


i'll try to post my daily HK picks....when i can.


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