Why I'm in this business  

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Because, it only takes a second to realize how exciting this all is.

well there must be plenty of reasons...but for now, that one liner should suffice.

And I realized that if there's one thing I can't live without: It's gotta be the internet!

I'm such an information junkie.

Okay moving on...

Free is a hard price to beat :)
Check out what's up for your picking.

Headturning articles:

Jim Cramer- exposing how he actually manipulates stock plays. Very solid and exclusive content. Read here. Videos are also linked inside the article.

The Clean Energy Myth- From time magazine, did you know that filling up an SUV tank worth of corn based ethanol could feed us for our corn harvests in a year?

Feeding the world these days is big business: If you read the article I posted above (The Clean Energy Myth), you'll understand that the incentives today are in conflict. Killing the forest has become more "money-making" than preserving it. Know the law of supply and demand right? Well basically, the reason why we're all experiencing high consumer inflation is basically lack of food resources. All the arable land are being converted to bio-fuel fields. So is it any wonder why agri stocks such as POT (Potash), MOS(Mosaic) and Monsanto are all hitting new highs? Well technicals would work but all I'm saying is.. its not just speculative money moving these stocks. Catalysts are there and.. starvation... boy! Time magazine writers put the article in the right way: Biofuels have got to be the worst crime in humanity. Disguising alternative fuels as a solution to the oil crisis, now we've got ourselves food inflation.

Well, maybe I'm just a pessimist?

Cool site:

Twitter.com - i LOVE Twitter coz I get stock updates from great US traders that I want sent to my mobile or IM (googletalk) for free. (250 FREE SMS messages in a day). It's like Chikka + Blog+ YM :) Sign up and add me.

my username is : fromlonevoice

I don't twitter as often though. Make sure you follow my favorites: Brett Steenbarger and Timothy Sykes. Pretty useful especially if you trade US markets. Heck, that's fine. I don't trade US markets either but reading what's on their mind should provide you ample knowledge already. Best of all.. It is FREE! delivered to your mobile.

Cool Download:

Market Talk:

The indices remain stuck in a holding pattern.

Choppy trading over the next day or two has led to a downside edge once the market is 3-5 days out from these bars. Combined with the low VIX and the overbought readings of some indicators, caution seems warranted here.

Perhaps those uncomfortable with directional bets in the current market might prefer to use options and bet on a reduction in volatility.

Trading is not difficult because it blends action and inaction. It is difficult when we view trading through the lenses of firemen, creating both adrenaline spikes and boring interludes.

PCOMP Observations:

Volume has dropped each day.

Philippine stocks showed strength while consolidating on top, with good volumes:

May look attractive at particular buy points, currently in most actives list:
--> MEG, FLI

--> PSE

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2.) How do they make Atheletes

need to sleep. bb

- Nix

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