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Some things I found in my chicken scratch handwritings:

1.) Street's trades (streetchild trader.) - a far dream for me to be able to teach one
2.) psychology of streetchildren - one of my innate curiosities to know more about
3.) being rich by helping change lives...lumil cavite
4.) social entrepreneurship + private equity.

Our aspirations are our possibilities...

random stuffs
position sizing page 252 (jason zweig book)
books to get for myself someday...
1.) Professional stock trading - mark conway 2003
2.) trading for a living- alexander elder 1993
3.) charles le beau and darrell lucas, tech traders guide to corp analysis of futures 1992
4.) against the gods- peter bernstein 1996
5.) trading to win - ari kiev
6.) history of monte carlo method
7.) matthew rubin, inference by believers in the law of small numbers 2000
8.) master ur trading demons -

van tharp, brett steenbarger, ari kiev, mark douglas.


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