Stars Who Walked Away From Mega-Hits  

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Of course after watching Dark Knight, we figured Katie Holmes was such a fool for turning the role down right? Well, this business week report is sure cool. Check them out. Wow.
Kate Hudson would have played Spidey’s Mary Jane pala ah.
Leonardo as Neo in Matrix? Angela Bassett for Storm (I like Haley better). Angie can decline Charlie’s Angels any day. She doesn’t need to share the spotlight with other girls haha. Sean Connery as Gandalf? Haha. Find them all out.

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Stars Who Walked Away From Mega-Hits

Sidenote reflection:

I don't know if this is just me but I'm just getting hit by senti bugs lately.

Well for one, I am currently thinking about those same lines where my friend used to tell me about a certain bus ride story akin to relationships. I believe the gist was mainly to hop in for the ride and just drop off if the ride proves to end up in a car crash. I don't know why I'm even saying this. Of course it doesn't matter anymore. I have changed though, I don't know if it has been for the better.

I guess the only reason why I'm suddenly reflecting on these things is mainly because of the title " stars who walked away from mega hits." Have I actually walked away from perhaps possible mega hits? And if I did, the only way to have made it not a concern was if I had a super mega mega hit. Getting so risk averse when it comes to trading allows you to pass on perhaps one of the best trades you can ever have for fear of not making it. I have opted to fear losing rather than fear missing out and so I have not made those trades. I don't do this anymore in trading and neither have I been thinking of doing such a thing in life. Perhaps due to a doggone experience.

In trading, we are taught to preserve. We don't risk so much of our capital. We measure it. We fight another day. We try to stay alive. We'd rather be consistent rather than great. We'll never plunge and that's why we get to see the light of day when the bull markets arrive where we can do all our stupid things.

With respect to relationships, I guess I'm being that conservative trader. I'd rather pass up those wonderful and exciting trades, just so that I can live to trade(love) every single day without getting crazy or those sleepless nights.

But of course we don't love this way. We love using the "crash and burn" system and hope that we "crashed" with the right space and make splashing waves. I don't know what I'm saying haha....

Anyway, though I sure hope there'll be a good fella/stock for that matter who would let me ride without volatilities, I shall say I'll be simply walking away from mega hits for now. I'd rather go with the solids and the steadies. Maybe it would be sad but I dunno. As they say, girls are fickle. We change minds often and we don't know a thing on what/who we want.

oh but this isn't how relationships are supposed to be...

(just thinking out loud)

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