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I have nothing boldly interesting to say.
I simply wanted to write out my thoughts.
So I begin.

I seriously sometimes think about the other things that I could do, which I could have fun doing, with people I probably would be happy being with, doing something unrelated to trading or with any resemblance with the markets that is both challenging, rewarding and something I can want to wake my mornings up to.

I don't know why I suddenly am feeling this way. While steep losses can surely sway a person's mind in changing careers, I surely feel that this is not the case with me. I love my job. It's something I see myself doing in the next ten years. I'm not kidding. However, of course, there could be some twists and turns, which I want to do, if I can do, at some point in my life. Say, take night classes listening to Wall Street finance professionals, touring around the world learning about companies, managing funds say for teachers welfare through people's donations instead of placing them in time deposits, and giving dividends to the school. Maybe buying a place, learning to cook, trying out a sport, and learning to be more of a girl, whatever that means.

However, learning about the markets is hard enough and time consuming. Taking any other additional stuff to do (say studying something like creative arts/ multimedia designing) would be fun but would entail commitment and responsibility. Plus, it's not like a long term thing. It's just a hobby which will quickly fade away to something I "used to do". Such as taking photography lessons, taking photoshop classes and the like.

I'm concerned as well with the way I have been living my life. I feel like a hermit at times. A hermit is someone who likes living alone right? Ok. I think I have been living like a recluse these couple of days.

Hmm, I dont really know. I have no particular set of friends that I will constantly be around with. It's not that I don't have friends. I just don't develop any close connections so much. It's always just about playing basketball. Not so much caring about other people's lives really. Friday is being spent with people who help me learn what God can teach me. Saturdays and Sundays are erratic but they're usually booked, and I usually do things that I don't particularly like doing but, well still do.

brb. need to eat fast. But I'll continue the train of thought.


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why dont you try a career in sales or marketing ? so that u wouldnt be such a hermit.. u get exposed and interact with a alot of people by trading.
and for the cooking part, i think it would help a lot if u know how to cook.

actuarial. create products in health care financing, especially for our young ones who are forced to miss school due to health costs. help a business service a public good.
difficult problem, let's see how actuaries will address it. actuaries are fun people.
for leisure, just get your gear (kawali, dslr, running shoes, dancing shoes, swimsuit, etc) and do it. find time in your busy sked.

ive tried actuarial studies during my college lessons. Didn't like it much. Who's this again?

thanks for the thoughts. Don't like sales or marketing either. I do like my job. I love trading, analyzing, reading. Perhaps I'll go take some writing classes or web designing classes.


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