Letting go too early on my shares  

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Perhaps the only reason why I'm not too happy when all the Angping stocks went up is that I didn't have more shares.

It's not greed. Okay..So it is greed. But to me it was more of lack of patience.

I've been patiently accumulating shares of GEO for the past week. My trading mistake was letting go too early. There were some GTC orders at 1.22, 1.28 with costs of 1.18, 1.16

I knew that the TP was 1.42, 1.80. With the surge today. I believe GEO will be the next PAX. So i bought back the shares i sold at costs of 1.30 and 1.32. Price chasing can be called but momentum's there. Everything's there. So maybe the lesson is to wait patiently on stocks that have a technical painting.

As for PAX, perhaps the only thing I also hate myself for is that I bought just a few shares. Sold everything today at different prices. some at 5, some at 5.50, some at 5.80, 5.40. It was a frenzy. That's all I can say.

I still have my GLO (bought a lot awhile ago at 1565, 1570), This is more of a patient play. I really should wait and ride this one out. Perhaps that's the thing with stocks. When they explode, they literally explode. Either you're on the plane or you're left behind. That's why I'm holding on with my FLI shares at supports of 1.04/1.06. That's also why I'm holding on with my shares of MEG at 2.55 (with support of 2.50), and also my FPH which really really is getting me kinda impatient... @ 52.50 average price.

See chart below for the stocks I love to pick up at their ground floor support levels:
1.) RLC - there's a fundamental reason for this..mainly that what's being valued in the price is just the NAV of the malls and hotels. everything else: bpo,housing, office are literally free. To know more, read the Citisec research to be released soon on RLC.

I like to pick it up at a good bounce from its support before of 11.25. So I'm buying at 11.50/11.75

2.) AC - another fundamental play and buying on support levels. 440/450 sigh, I'm raising my ground floors.haha..mukhang nasa 2nd floor na ung prices hehe.

3.) GEO - i love this stock period. I only hate myself for not buying more shares and having sold some too early damnit.

In summary, i think this is gonna be a wonderful week.
- Nix

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