Stay on the sidelines.  

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This will be a very fast/short comment. Will write more later.

For those who attended the Absolute Traders seminar yesterday, there were plenty of blue chip /basura stock opportunities yes. But with the way the US behaved yesterday. from up to as high as 12,500, opening 12,349 and retreating to close down 10 points lower. Please stay on the sidelines.

For basura stocks, my analysis on GEO is very similar to

This should have paused at around 1.28/1.30/1.32 levels yesterday based on Average true range but it surged up closing at 1.38 with very significant volumes.

I don't know if this will "tagos" the 1.42 resistance, if it does...then is on its way to 1.80.

If not, then... sell at that resistance...proceed to buy the dips mga 1.24? i'll check the charts.

fast lang tlga to.

- Nix


- Nix

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