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"Danger lurks even in paradise." - a caution for bullish people
"Gravity did not keep us from flying." - an advice for bearish people

I've been reading a couple of blogs from absolutetraders' members and here are what struck me:

1.) You would have been rewarded 28% today for simply trading PAX which was given a bullish divergence post exactly one day before it exploded. - special mention to For that, galing. prblema lang i was out so di ko man lang natrade.

2.) is great and concise for me- the issues he notices are a bit like what I see but his readings augment my charts. Thanks. Holding on to CMT and EEI worked out well for ya. I should have bought sa mga pullbacks. Niwei, i learned a good lesson. Thanks. The pauses should have been comfortable levels of buying back shares.

Niwei, today PAX really sent a clear message home. closed at the highs, tremendous volume, people seem to be bargain hunters. (I wasn't around during this time because I attended the seminar of our Pres. awhile ago, so i missed the action of PAX and EEI.) nevertheless, maybe monday's a good buying opportunity in the pullbacks since there's bad news again with the DOW.

"Defying Gravity, Rising Steadily" Highlights:

1.) Secretary Gary Teves' 4-yr old grandson asked a very innocent question "Grandpa, did the law of gravity stop us from flying?" He answered "No, son." The boy replied: "What kept us from flying before the law was passed?"

- okay- that was a joke. if it wasn't funny, maybe i didn't get the total gist of it.haha. But here's my thought. I think it's a very rhetorical question. ung mga tipong "kids say the darndest things" type of shows. The president, amidst all the political turmoil, was very focused on stressing and emphasizing the macro fundamentals that propelled the philippines to new heights. The AVP presentation was very succinct and presented graphs and figures showing that GDP growth of 7.3% was at its highest for 31 yrs. Inflation rates are benign at less than 3%, Budget deficit only $9 Bil compared to $63 Bil during estrada time, this is the lowest budget deficit in 21years. Peso appreciation unprecedented over all asian currencies and more. All I want to say is that despite the weight of the high correlation of the Philippines with the US market (i'll post separately the correlation chart given by ATR kimeng's research.), the philippines does seem to be able to weather this "gravity" and rise steadily.

i think pinas can fly.
i am as optmistic as boss lee and boss april that we'll have a good 2nd half.
the downsiderisks will be "short and sharp" according to congressman joey salceda's predictions
ING forecasts "short and shallow"
COL forecasts "double test of support" from jan 21/22 lows.

-there you go-

i inserted this quote (heard from TV by watching maxx that.)

"danger lies even in paradise."

relating it with the markets, despite the very strong moves of pax...4.90 might play a resistance and with so much people up there (such a great wall to climb when u look at the charts.)--- pax has to do a lot of bargain hunting from people to continue its defiance. let's see what will happen. looking to range trade this, or momentum daytrade.

as for EEI, this one's so strong. that's all i can see-4 pesos pot of gold! but there might be pauses so i 'll play this conservatively. might do lots of buying between pullbacks, and selling on rallies.

bye. night.
- nix

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