Time to get real this valentine's day.  

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I wanted to really be happy for everyone.

US stocks rally for third day as retail data brighten mood (Marketwatch).
DJ30 12,552.24 178.83 1.44%
NASDAQ 2,373.92 53.88 2.32%
S&P 500 1,367.20 18.34 1.36%

I'm so happy that sometimes we tend to be in a buying spree. Here's what I just want people to be reminded before they get so happy. Time to get real! Let's be honest. We should be selling on rallies. on good news. But of course we can play tsupita tsupita siguro mga defensive stocks na lang and buy closely sa mga support areas of the day.

Yesterday I've been able to cut my mistakes with little losses. I cut my APC @.48 and .49, as well as Sino @ .32, .33. Now, many might tell me, hey that seems wrong. Okay. That's a personal decision. Really.
I was also told that I should play more of the bluechip stocks, considering I'm supposed to be biased more in the fundamentals side. Not for the "quick speculative third liner stocks".
So...here's my notes/ disclosures for the day:

1.) I have been reading an ATR research yesterday and what struck me was that AC was being sold down yesterday. Closed at the low of 447.50, I actually want to pick this up in its support of 435 pesos and not cut haha. For the day, hmm, it depends on the market mood but I'm trying to put this in my watchlist. Tell you guys later what I think about the chart and the fundamentals.

2.) MWC closed very strong yesterday with a high of 19 pesos, strong volumes, all above MA's of 32,65,130. This one is something I like. Defensive and very good technicals. May have to put this in my watchlist.

3.) I still have my GLO, it's trending up. I'm planning to pick this up at around 1530-1550 (anytime the market wants to panic and give me good prices.) haha. Here's my chart take on GLO. Oh btw, I'm entitled to their dividend of Php37.50 because tapos na exdiv date and i held on hehe.

"GLO" for high yield and defensive stocks - :) 7.9% divyield

(if may special dividends which is highly likely and very stable cashflows).

happy valentine's to my parents
and singles' awareness day for the rest of us.

- Nix

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