Art of Uncalculated Risk  

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Taken from "Aaron Brown's: Poker face of Wall Street"


For some of us, conformity is the problem. We are sexual, political or religious deviants or uncategorizable eccentrics who just cannot fit into polite society.

Conventional comfort is too dull. But the most common reason for embracing risk among people I know is pure egotism. We believe we have some talent that must be nurtured and allowed to flower. We must write or act or research or explore or teach or create art or just be ourselves as an end in itself. This obsession puts us above the rules and justifies any risk or action.

For most, its a quiet article of unexamined faith. If you have it, it's impossible to settle for what everyone else gets, however comfortable that is in absolute terms.

*such a great article...captures my mood for the day, and perhaps for most everything that i do.

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then learn to be humble! hehe

who's anonymous? I dont understand your comment.

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