on trading's purpose, and some cool stuffs i heard/read  

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1.) Step away from trading because of the potential dangers when in a state of euphoria.

2.) When it comes to trading, people want the freedom that being a successful trader offers, they want the money, but they don’t really like to make never-ending decisions or be accountable of an event of what they’re responsible for.

The best traders have the passion for wanting to make those never-ending decisions. They love the process of trading. Money is just keeping score. Being a trader requires truly accepting the risk and loving to make these never-ending decisions.

3.) We come with too much baggage.

4.) When you consider that by trading randomly, and compare it against the kinds of skills and efforts that u have to expand to trade consistently for profits. There’s a huge gap. That’s the reason why 95% of people lose and 5% win.

5.) Change your reason for trading. Trade to acquire skills, certain fundamental skills that money will certainly be a byproduct of.

6.) You don’t need to know what will happen in the market next to profit from it. Once we believe that truly anything can happen, we always predefine our risk.

7.) A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

8.) Lots of observation and immersion in markets and plenty of experimenting with different markets and trading styles--all are important in advancing the progression toward expertise. When new traders are frustrated with losses, it's usually because they've tried to short-circuit the learning curve.

9.)Your goal is not to make money. Your goal is to learn markets.

10.) "Good books teach, but the best books enlighten".


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