So Right but so f*cking wrong time  

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.......I cant help but rant in front of this computer just so I can express how solidly disgusted I feel with the way Thursday and Friday US action happened overnight.

Reading from most articles and blogs of top traders, there was a consensus that the jobs report will surely disappoint but the shorters (like me) got scared with that big Thursday move above 200 day MAs only to be proven right just the next day.

I remember one told by Larry Williams in his story on how he "knew" soybeans was it or cattles were overpriced, but the prices kept going up. He didn't cut loss and so he was wiped out. To him, it was a 2 Mil dollar lesson. To me, well let's just say the amount still hurts.

I am deeply disgusted with my performance for this month.

This blog is simply an expression of my "emotional weaknesses".

F*ck.. i shudnt even be feeling this. I shud just be like a robot. Cut the losses and cut it again fast.

Hay... im not holding any high speed warrants but I am long equities...and seeing how equities were smashed last Friday...surely HK equities will die...and be really dead.

so disgusted wid myself

---will be off in a vacation for the long weekend. (as if it could cool things and take markets away from me.)

no room to hope..only room to act..

F*ck those americans....GRRR!!!

if thursday was merely a sideways day, i wud have held it! It wouldn't have touched my stop losses!!!I HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!
ok ok...stop ranting.

nextime..u know this post will be just me laughing at myself for this.


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