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Handling Volatility and Unexpected Circumstances

I don't know what's gone on my mind but it's been exactly 4 hours since that trade but I can't keep it off me. I just had to write it somehow.

I am just so tired that I can probably drop. I think there are times when you think you've beaten yourself up to the maximum and that you can't take a hit any longer...the worst part is that you've just overcome your battle and then the market does the same thing, and your computer hangs...and those crucial 5 minutes which you have been waiting and wishing and hoping for your software to not hang...it hangs... it happens.

I don't know what makes me sick. Is it that I lost money 4% today? Or is it that I had no control whatsoever, not knowing what was happening in the market and when the computer got fixed.... I was already down 4%. I had to cut my losses or else it would have been larger. But I guess the brunt of the heartache was primarily rooted in making a forced trade.

1.) WHY DID I EVEN MAKE A TSUPITA TRADE? I knew upside would have been less at that point in time.. But then my backup plan was to really cut it at a certain point. Should I have had thought that tradelinx would fail me at my most needed time? WHY oh why? Was I destined to have that loss?

I dont really know now what to think.

Was it the market teaching me? Was it divine intervention that of all times that my computer will hang....it hanged on exactly the time the market broke down???

WHY??? I really wonder why it had to happen to me.

I really just want to cry but I know I can't. I can't be emotional. A number is just that... a number.

If I would just stop my objectivity and think about being too attached to these losses, then I'm already admitting to defeat which I am not. I'm a fighter. I should know better.

Okay...so my learning curve essentially just taught me the following things for the day. I know these things are simple and often repeated but I just had to say it out loud to myself...

1.) Cut losses fast.
2.) Let Profits Run.
3.) Trade your own system. Be confident with your style.
4.) You can overcome things one bit at a time. No blockbuster trades. Manage risks. Enter safe bets.

Always prepare for things you never really thought could happen.

Hey...your computer can hang.. Sh*t happens. Anticipate that. Learn to manage.

- Nikki

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