Another one of those days...  

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I would say, today is one of those days when I'm not totally busy and yet I feel too tired to do anything much. Maybe my mind is dizzy.

I don't exactly know if I will seriously set up a separate blog..this time, really just into stocks.. organized as it shud be, with fundamental and technical categories to help me (for discipline) and benefit more peeps.. if any.

And yet I don't know if I can do all these things, my teammates are encouraging the when I get the tempo, i'll probably start it...

I'm thinking of possible names...
nu kayang ok? I like food so i figured... hongkong stocks..hmm...

1.) (a menu of daily stock picks (you got served) kind of thing.) Green tea setting, lots of siomai, taropuffs, hakaw in the background so that when a person gets into the blog.. the person is hungry..mouth watering stock picks hopefully. value for money.haha. sabog ako..pasensya.

2.) HK-Stockfeast- basicaly same type of concept, only its too "stocks".

Okay.. lemme defend myself by saying that im getting tired..not coz im losing.. because apparently, the market is getting better, so at least the portfolio is better looking these days but.. I guess the point is I'm just getting a bit tired watching cnbc and bbg. Been married too much wid bloomberg, i suppose. im thinking of taking a vacation. haha..fat chance...

Oil is falling to the direction of $100 but why's oil so expensive pa rin at the pump? read read much to read. info such thing as an overload... hows a choco overload... oil can save the markets.. ho hum... mails mails.. gazillion of mails.

i am sleepy. i am sad and i am unaffected wid the markets.

airline stocks soar...asheesh.. missed that again. tsktsk...

financial turnaround....


hows that.. --- how's that haha.. pangit eh. walang dating. tapos ung background is a rollercoaster.

nextime i shud put my money where my mouth is.. shud have shorted the dollar versus the php kanina.. coward me.

wow oil 100 i can see it.. hate the airlines!!!and the refiners!!! boo boo boo!!! boo coz i am left behind that ride!!!

talk about me as a liar eh noh.. not affected by the markets and yet thats all i talk about.

so maybe that is me and my day

maybe i shud create art thru photography...maybe that can make me happier.


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wow! this site became a comment site.. why not put up your own resto lonevoice? if u like food so much..

sori anonymous that i have not been updating any trades at all here. maybe i should be changing the description into more of my diary right? haha.

yeah..i like food so much but i don't cook. Putting up a resto is not such a great idea. i need to have the passion for it..and just loving to eat food is not such a big motivation to set one up. :)

who are ya anonymous?


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