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Note: Below is uhm...a lot of senseless digressions hehe.. You can forget this post. Thanks:)

sh*T..un lang ang masasabi ko.. Parang nawala tlga ako sa mundo ever since nagtrade ako ng stocks ah haha.. Ung alam ko lang palagi is kung ano nangyayari sa bloomberg. wah loser.

Namiss ko tuloy ung pagbabasa ko ng mga blogs nina funny...if only i can just plug his blog to everyone kaso lang..naka-for contacts eh..oh well.

Pwedeng araw arawin ung blog niya haha.

If there shud be a future quinito henson, dapat siya na maging isang sportcaster pero niche market kasi siya eh. Ibang klaseng humor..tska talino eh.

Hmm...wala akong ginawa today kung hindi.
1,)maglaro ng tower defense
2.) nagpagod nang konti wid my vv6 team, cant play basket na haha. bilis mapagod.
3.) uhm, had the car fixed with all those gasgas
4.) ate kfc (i told u this post was senseless).
5.) Finished reading a short book (Bo Sanchez)
6.) Read a 3 days old wsj paper
7.) Read some BW articles
8.) Stalked around looking at multiply, facebook, and mails. (WOAH by far this is something ive yet to finish.) Sobrang dami eh.


-im gonna rest---but not until tower defense. (so addicting.)

----senseless post.


7 takes

human.. but not senseless - definitely ;)

whats happening to u lonevoice? are u alright ?? this site seems to be different

wow you do normal things after all. lol

yes she does.. altho rarely.. we really dont know whats going thru her head right now


who's anonymous..and I don't get what you mean with...
"it's been almost 2 weeks since Nix had her blog?" Does that mean that I write less? is that it?

will try to post some stuff these days...sige...

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