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(Hmm, I actually didn't ask Joe's permission to copy this, but nevertheless, wala namang sensitive stuffs dito eh...just plain baricaua fun. I've always liked reading his posts. good sense of humor+very witty. This one's a bit serious though, the execution is still baricaua style...) Oks. -Nix

Blog Entry Life Is A Gamble Jun 6, '08 12:29 AM

...you can't win if you don't place a bet.


As I scribble the first few words of this entry on a piece of scratch paper, I can hear Chino and Quinito welcome the Filipino viewers to a parquet floor somewhere in Massachusetts. This stage will serve as today's Supreme Court of Basketball: The NBA Finals '08. It's just a matter of time before Quinito starts sidenoting all the Fil-Ams who have a connection to the game they're covering. Incidentally kabayan, etong asawa ni Karl Malone is a Filipina. Incidentally kabayan, etong tatay ni Dennis Rodman worked in Subic. Incidentally kabayan, one of the Laker girls is a half-Filipina... (he ends up mentioning Garnett's highschool teammate who played as Import in the PBA)

LAL@BOS -2.5, 192
Life is not fair. Sometimes you have to shave 2.5 points off the team with the homecourt advantage to make it even. Yung iba, pinanganak na mayaman. Yung iba, pinanganak na gwapo. Yung iba, pinanganak na may oido. Pero kung maabilidad ka, you have what it takes to make it all even. Vujacic just hit a three.

Life doesn't take 10% of your winnings
You get everything. Just like O-Town who 'wants it all or nothing at all', sayo yan lahat pare. You don't have to feel obliged to please anybody in order to feel good about yourself. Well, unless dun ka talaga masaya, edi go! But kung napipilitan ka lang, adjourn bro! That's a lose-lose situation for you. I don't think its selfishness din naman eh, kasi kung napipilitan ka nga lang naman, edi you're doing good things with a heavy heart. And that's never good. Farmar with a circa 2000's Caguioa-esque floater.

Parlay = high risk, high reward
Don't expect everything in life to be perfect. Minsan matalino ka nga, ok family mo, mayaman ka, pero panget ka naman. In parlays, all your picks should be correct in order to win. Therefore, your definition -- and the probability -- of achieving a 'perfect life' depends on how many 'games' there are on your parlay. A high paying job? A beautiful wife? Smart kids? Good neighbors? Miss even just one of those four is enough to ruin your dream life. Its like putting a pimple on Mona Lisa. Rondo hits a jumper.

Doing nothing is a bet in itself
Nathan Scott missed the scholarship bus to Duke because he messed with Rick Fox. He tried to ask for help from Dan, but the Mayor opted to do nothing. Ayun. Nagkagulu-gulo tuloy buhay ni pogi. Althroughout Nathan's childhood, Dan had been pressuring Nate to be a great ball player and end up in the pros. But because Dan chose not to help Nathan this one time, its scandal time for Scott. Incidentally kabayan tungkol din sa pustahan yung problema ni Nathan. Halftime - Red Panda Acrobats FTW

Double or Nothing?
Hell no! I say that's Bopol or Nothing! A lot of lives have been ruined when bettors try to erase their debts by betting how much they're supposed to pay. Kung talo, double or nothing. Kung talo ulit, double or nothing ulit. E bayaran time na. Pak-tay na! Life is supposed to be win-some-lose-some. Don't make it a win-some-lose-all affair. Pierce gets injured.

Quit while you're ahead
Its basically an argument on discipline. E shempre the assumption here is up ka diba? Have you had enough to walk away from the game, or has this become an addiction? Or even if down ka, can you pick yourself up and walk away from being buried further down the depths of debt o ipagpipilitan mo pa bang mabawi ang mga talo mo? Pierce re-enters court in a pa-star-like fashion

The house always wins
There's a famous saying: "The house always wins" From experience, mukhang totoo nga 'to. So what do you have to do to win? Be the house pare! Be your own bookie. Make your own odds, place your own bets. Choose your own battles, fight your own war...

...Boston wins the game. Bwiset. Talo kami ni Pat.

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