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Game Crab Cafe

I don't normally advertise places I love. Like example, I love eating japfood in Inagiku but I don't essentially type it out loud...(though I just have) haha. What i want to say is...I highlighted a picture of gamecrab perhaps because I really like the fact that a friend of mine actually had the guts to risk it and set up a business like this which he loved. I know it's just a partime biz thing..but I applaud him coz he set out what he wanted to do...and made it real.

Aniwei, I'm a freako when it comes to I'll surely drop by this place. Plus, their rates and food prices are so cheap. haha...will try it out but from the way the stuffs are presented the site...i like it.

good job. clap clap.

I copied what this gamecrab does from its site:

Game Crab Boardgame Cafe will incite a revolution - a boardgame revolution. In a country flooded with Internet cafes, casinos, badminton and basketball courts, and more pool halls than any sane person would care to count; Game Crab Boardgame Cafe has opened its doors to offer everyone a healthy social alternative. It's a place where everyone has a roaring good time.

ok... will go watch usa and china na.baboo.


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