Learning to cut losses  

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Before I type, I want to caution my invisible readers that below is more of a personal reflection. This is more of a diary as well as a trading blog aniwei so no apologies coming from me for wasting your time.

Ok. I'm done defending the things I do.

Learning to cut losses.
It’s almost cliché but not many people can do it (in any aspect of life). I have learned to cut losses in my trading,but I can't quite apply it sometimes with the way I view relationships. I just had to type it out loud because I figured that by at least typing it in virtual space, I somehow am freeing myself from the shell I've been hiding for quite some years now.

Okay. I hate ....though I know I shouldn't even allow hate to be staying inside of me...but I simply hate the silent treatment.

I can take awkwardness but I don't understand damn right silence. Oh well, I guess people manage things differently.

All I know is that when I learned to cut my loss, I have cut the loss. There's no reason moping about the losses. awryt? so why can't we get on with our lives like all ordinary people? Ok. I might not get it. But there's just this certain thing that cranks my head. Why can't I talk to someone close to me before? What have I done wrong anyway? This is so unfair. If that is the way you will act towards me, then I shall just simply stop even remembering simple birthdays.

okay... this is totally wrong of me to even hate. I just don't understand why we can't even be good friends. That's all. I'm not asking for anything. I just can't understand. There.


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