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Before I "formally woke up" today, I told myself that I will not be watching CNBC nor Bloomberg extensively. I say "formally woke up", because I have started a different time clock with myself ever since watching the US markets. I sometimes wake up about 3-4am in the morning, to check how the portfolio is doing, so that I can probably place some new orders or keep the ones I have. Well, I'll get used to this one day. I woke up 4:05am unintentionally and without cellphone alarms. Markets are already closed so I went back to sleep.

When I woke up, first thing I did was to switch the channel from the TV to things I don't frequent much. A couple of things I found interesting were the following shows:

1.) There was CNN's talkasia and they interviewed this celebrity chef Bobby Chinn. Now, I'm not so much into chefs, but it's more on how this guy turned himself from a waitress to celebrity chef and restaurateur that got me intersted. Plus, people who know me, will acknowledge that I love food. I think the guy has a food show, flavors in malaysia or something. just look it up. Discovery is great. I want to do things they have in Travel and Living!

2.) Switched the channel to Animal planet and found them to be covering the animals with the most extreme workaholics. It's pretty interesting knowing more about bees, ants, cleaner fish, megapodes and beavers. Great show. I might frequent this more nextime.

3.) There's this show in discovery's travel and living entitled 5 takes. It's really cool. There are these 5 TJ's (traveling journalists) armed with only USD50 every day each to go around the city. I got interested and checked it out. For those who are "so not connected with the world", read the reality show in wikipedia, and external links are just there.

The Filipino comic book artist from the Philippines selected to be the TJ is damn lucky. :)

4.) I remembered my friend telling me to watch the last lecture of a professor in youtube. Am still downloading it but from the reviews, I'm sure I'm gonna be moved.
Check it out as well:
It's Randy Pausch's Last lecture.- Search it in youtube.


Have a great day.

This week was tough. Made money, let it go away, learning to make money again, looking at missed opportunities (576 and 1200). Learning to take things easy. I might go drink some lemonade, fruit juices and give myself a healthy meal.

Byee. For the indonesian who commented on some HK posts, thanks and I'll try to post some HK ideas as well as US ideas aroudn here more often.

my ymid is y_nikki2003. Looking forward for more ideas. Reading blogs on seekingalpha and broker reports can be time consuming. It helps to have peers.


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